We are digital natives with unadulterated access to the de facto, sole-sourced knowledge-base of all mankind; yet we're still looking for answers. Our search is hindered by the lack of concrete answers in an abstract realm. Style is a mode of expression that cannot be explicitly defined. Fashion itself is dictated by trends, which are variable in a given time and place.

Why is the world of fashion so disorganized?

The best sources of relevant information are consistently community forums, niche blogs, and periodicals. These mediums do not present data in an organized format fit for easy consumption.

Sartorial Zero [sart0rial] is the foundation from which semi-informed decisions regarding your attire can be made with confidence.

  • Self-improvement or self-image issues
  • Mold how the external world perceives you
  • The maturation of attire through transitional periods in life
  • Wardrobe requirements for employment, travel, or relocation
  • Equipment and gear for hobbies, sports, or leisure activities

Fashion is built upon a system of chaos; the rules are meant to be understood, mastered, then broken.